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Reservation is available for specific class. Exact model is not guaranteed and can be changed within the class. Cancelation and changes in reservation is free of charge until the designated time for car receive. Reservation cannot be cancelled after receive of the rental car but changes (class, rental period, price category) can be made with prior confirmation by Smart Car Rent and by covering the price difference.

Minimum rental period

24 hours (one full day). If the rental period (24 hours) is exceeded by more than 59 minutes – price for additional full day is added. If the rental car is not used for the full day, the price is calculated as per full day.

Minimal age of the driver

21 year (for Economy, Compact, Medium class), 25 years (for SUV and Business class)

Driver’s license

The driver needs to have a valid driver’s license for respective category and issued not less than 1 year ago (Economy, Compact, Medium class) or 2 years (for SUV, Business class, Representative class). Copy of the license should be given to the rental company.

Additional driver

Rental car can only be driven by persons specified as drivers in the Rental agreement. For each additional driver a cost of 3 € per rental day is added but not more than 30 € for entire rental period.


All payments should be made in Smart Car Rent office by cash or credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Maestro), or by transfer to bank account before receiving the rental car.

Security deposit

Security deposit in amount of Renter’s non waivable excess sum is reserved at the moment of receiving the rental from renter’s credit card. Renter must be the owner of the payment card (person whose name and surname is shown on the card). Debit cards are not accepted. Security deposit can also be paid in cash.


Rent price includes CDW (insurance against damages) and TP (insurance against theft/robbery). Renter’s non waivable excess sum is 450 € (Toyota) / 650 € (Lexus) in case of rental car’s damage and 10% of rental car’s initial market value in case of theft/robbery or complete destruction.

Additional insurance

Renter’s non waivable excess sum can be reduced to 250 € (CDW only) for the additional cost of 10 € per day, but not more than 50 € for the entire rental period.

Mileage limitations

Mileage limit 200 km per day or non-limited mileage depends on the chosen price category. Exceeding the limit, the additional cost of 0.50 € per additional km is added. Driving to other countries (Lithuania, Estonia) has to be agreed with Smart Car Rental in advance and additional insurance cost of 10 € per day is added.


Rental car’s delivery and return with full tank. If the tank is not full upon rental car’s return, additional cost is added - 4 € per liter. Prepayment for car’s return with not full fuel tank is possible before receive of rental car.

Interior/exterior cleanness

Rent price includes rinsing of rental car’s exterior. If the rental car is returned with very dirty exterior (inspection for damages is complicated), additional cost of 20 € is added. For dirty interior – additional cost of 20 € (dry cleaning not included).

Additional options

Children / baby seat – 3 € per day but not more than 90 € for entire rental period. GPS (navigation) – 9 € per day, but not more than 90 € for entire rental period.

Delivery / return

Within Riga City and Jurmala City delivery available for additional cost of 25 € per one direction and with prior agreement on place and time. Other places within Latvia – 50 € and additional 0.70 € per km. Baltic States – 150 €. Delivery / return beyond rental office’s working hours has to be agreed prior and additional cost 25 € applies.


150 € - for smoking in rental car; 150 € - for missing documents, including service book; 600 € - for missing keys; 450 € - for theft, loss or damage of the additional options; 50 € (minimum) - for any offense of administrative and road traffic rules in addition to the sum of the fine.


All prices are displaued in EUR, including VAT 21%.
Smart Car Rent reserves rights to change rental prices and terms.